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Lebron purse? D-Wade shirt painted on?

Lebron purse? D-Wade shirt painted on?

i am TERRIFIED to get older and all of the bs that goes with it :/

On Fraud Graham:

The 80th time you heard the speech was just as interesting as the first,” said the Rice source. “But then when you hear it at another school and he’s just changing the names from Team A to Team B, you start to figure it out.

On Tebow

Their negative belief is that penitent, conservative Americans look at Tebow and see a man being “rewarded” for his faith, which validates the idea that believing in something abstract is more important than understanding something real. And this makes them worried about the future, because they see that thinking everywhere. It seems like the thinking that ran this country into the ground.

isu > ok st 2OT

isu > ok st 2OT

The great paradox

Those who are most educated and informed are best to make important decisions, but they are also more disconnected from the people they are attempting to help.

nba lockout // overseas interest

nba execs are too dumb to realize marketing the players overseas while they straighten out their shit would produce exponentially increased interest in the american league and players when they come back together as one.